ex​-​log​.​01 /​/​inside the megastructure

by Douglas McCausland

Toha 04:07
Technomads 03:19
Safeguard 03:38


Notes about ex-log.01 //inside the megastructure:

About a month ago, I posted a short snippet on my SoundCloud called "Too Metal for Children", which was the result of an evening's recording / mixing exercise of creating something within a certain sonic profile using only an inexpensive guitar, cheap audio interface, and a laptop. At the time, this was of course meant as a joke. However, I found myself still thinking days afterwards about just how much fun I had while working on the piece. Eventually, I decided to give myself a challenge to see just how much I could push the idea - which quickly erupted into an EP of sorts. While this music doesn't have the same degree of development or extensive introspection, planning, or social commentary as my primary compositional output, I've decided to couch it as somewhat of an "other" category within my larger work. As such, I'm sure its blatantly obvious the influence that genres such as metal and noise have on my primary compositional output, so I felt this wasn't too far a creative stretch. This EP is meant to be fun, and shouldn't be taken too seriously - though I certainly hope you enjoy it.

The result of all of this is my first EP, ex-log.01 //inside the megastructure - a collection of tracks which draw on my more "non-academic" influences, ranging in styles from metal, to noise, to glitch, to industrial, to ambient, and so on. Rounding out the track-list is a cover of chiptune artist Danimal Cannon's song "Roots", originally from his album of the same name. Thematically, the names of the tracks, and the aesthetic draws on Tsutomu Nihei's brilliant work "BLAME!", a regular source of influence for me in regards to visual design and narrative tone.


released January 16, 2018


all rights reserved



Douglas McCausland Palo Alto, California

Douglas McCausland is a composer / performer currently based out of the Bay Area in California, USA while pursuing a DMA in Composition at Stanford University.

Fascinated with new aesthetic and technological domains, his chaotic and dense works explore the extremes of sound and the digital medium.
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